Re-fret specialist

Re-fret specialist

I am now revising my services to specialise particularly in the refretting of acoustic and electric guitars and basses. All my refret work comes with a full setup as standard, and I am still offering fret levelling and setup services on selected guitars and basses. Please contact me on 07923 656 454 to discuss your requirements. Please excuse any inconsistencies as I update this website 🙂

Fraser Callum

If I were you I’d want some reassurance that I’m not handing my prized guitar over to some monkey wielding a large file and a rusty pair of fret pullers! Click here to learn more about me


Feel free to post your thoughts and questions on my services and discuss anything guitar-related, but don't forget to send a testimonial if you are happy with the work I have done for you!


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$slides = [ 'setups' => 'Acoustic setup and refret specialist', 'fretwork' => 'Fret levelling, crowning & polishing, full & partial refrets', 'repairs' => 'Broken necks & headstocks, replacement nuts & saddles', 'electrics' => 'Pickup swaps, active pickup installs, rewiring & repairs', 'custom' => 'Inlay work, scratch plates, tremolo installations & hardware upgrades' ];